I don finally give up on Naija

I used to love Nigeria so much that I put my money and mouth into it.

Events. Meetings. Posts after posts and heavy heart when things go sour.

But happenings after happenings, October 2020, and a lot of other things, I am on battery low when it comes to that love. These days, I just deal, and the only thread I have as a connection is hanging by faith. Maybe that is enough.

I don comot leg (This was at an outreach to get people to pick up their PVCs in 2018).

Sometimes, the only way to love again is first to lose it.

But the entity is not the people, so my love for Nigerians and contributions to making the country better for more people is a chord that cannot break.

When love leads, labels fade.

*This was my newsletter today and I know my close friends will say na so I dey always talk 😭 but Optimism is not an easy path, and although I cannot go to the other extreme of pessimism or apathy, my choice to focus on the people is a coping mechanism.



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